happy holidays

the christmas till new year celebration proved to be an exciting surprise for me. the activities came non-stop. but i had my dose of fun as the year 2009 came to a close and 2010 entered the picture. hmmm. yes, some were documented in pictures while the rest were etched in my mind.

from december 16 until the 24th, i attended the string of early morning masses.

dec. 24, i got my planner from Santa Claus, er, the LBC deliveryman.

on christmas day, i stayed home with my family.

dec. 26, i attended our high school reunion.

on the 27th, i attended another reunion – that of my family from the mother side.

on the 28th, i accompanied my brother who bought fireworks for the new year. on the same day, i gave my baby his present.

29th, i met with a sister i last saw two years back.

still the 29th, i met up with my classmates for a videoke session that lasted til 10 pm, and which forced me to take the 1130 pm ‘last trip’ home.

dec. 30, my 'first time' at lago del ray @ cwc

still the 30th, also my 'first time' at the coffee beanery @ avenue square. the food was great, the price even greater. hehe.

i stayed home on the 31st and shooed away all the malas - with fireworks!

true, i didn’t have goodnight sleeps for days [pun intended]. it was like a shop-till-you-drop experience. but it was more than that. i had fun. i didn’t expect the holidays to be that fun! i thought it’ll be another grinchy year. i was wrong. i didn’t expect for anything yet i had sooooooooooo much fun.

this makes me think of one thing: to have fun as the present happens and not worry about the future.

cheers! 🙂


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