i’ve been a globe (telecommunications) subscriber since i had my first cellphone – a blue nokia 3310 –  back in 2001. i was the first in the family to have one.

i chose globe then out of necessity. globe was the first among the telecommunications companies to offer overseas services which was what we needed that time. and i have only changed my mobile number twice – first, when my blue nokia 3310 (yes, my first cellphone) was misplaced by me/ stolen by someone, and second, when somebody left and i needed to be on my own. since then, i have been using the same mobile number.

i am a happy globe prepaid subscriber. i maximize every promo they have. celebrity endorsers doesn’t matter to me since i am contented (more often than not) with their services – unlimited calling, texting, and even non-expiring load credits.

just recently, i came across another service they offer. that of paying in g-cash. i was really *bewildered* that it was as easy as 1, 2, 3 and a, b, c and absolutely free! 🙂

in these steps, i was able to pay for my online purchase:

1. in a globe center/ hub, ask from the guard on duty for a g-cash form (the manong guard then hands you a sheet of paper, your transaction number, and if your lucky, a writing pen);

2. fill out the necessary spaces in the form (answering won’t even take you 5 minutes) and wait for your transaction number to be displayed in their digital screen;

3. once your transaction number is called, approach the cashier corresponding to your number (as it appears in the screen), and hand in the transaction number, g-cash form, your cash and a valid identification card to the cashier;

4. the cashier types entries into their computer, prints out a receipt, makes you sign it, and hands you your copy. voila! transaction finished.

see? so easy-peasy 😉

so next time your making an online purchase, try doing it by g-cash. [hey globe, i’m promoting you here. gimme some kashing kashing!] if you wish to know more about globe and g-cash, google them 😛


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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