xmas wishlist #1

the belle de jour 2010 planner

tempur pillow

rina albert notebooks/ notepads

how to walk in high heels by camilla morton

snoopy stuffed toy


2 thoughts on “xmas wishlist #1

  1. hi Deo! congratulations on your Christmas wishlist! 🙂 do you mind if second hand ang book? i think my sister has and i heard she was giving it away…if okay with you let me know. 🙂 mwah!


    • thanks liz, pero take note, #1 pa lang yan..hehe..
      libre naman mangarap diba? 😉

      about the book: ay talaga, meron sya? hehe..
      i don’t mind kung second hand po siya, basta meron.
      mahal kasi eh..haha.. 😀

      mwah mwah!


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