(w)hole in the city

The Plaza Rizal is one of the plazas located in the City of Naga, the other two being the Plaza Quince Martires and Plaza Quezon. For years, administration after administration, the Plaza Rizal has been under the management and control of the Province of Camarines Sur.

One question has boggled the minds of Bicolanos for generations: Why is it that the Plaza Rizal is managed by the province when it is located within the city? True, the city is within the province yet, the plaza is within the metes and bounds of the territorial jurisdiction of the city. Some even quip in jest na may labot an Naga [Naga has a hole]. The ‚Äėlabot‚Äô [whole] referred to being the spot where the Plaza Rizal is situated.

Interestingly, local papers have announced that the key to Plaza Rizal has been finally handed to the City of Naga. The question of which belongs to who has been finally laid to rest. In a decision penned by Associate Justice Minita V. Chico-Nazario, the Supreme Court upheld that control and management of the Plaza Rizal should be in the hands of the officials of the City. The full text of the said decision tells the story of how and why all these had happened.

Finally, the City of Naga is whole. It has no hole.


Thoughts, anyone? (",)

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