labor day

02 may 08.

a friday. the day after “labor day”.

yeah, yesterday was my own labor day.

i woke up early to do the laundry, with the perla and the downy and all. got the hangers and hung my clothes to dry. i caught a milisecond of rest. and proceeded to change the covers and sheets in my little room. as i dusted my windows, i whistled a tune to keep the rain clouds away. i learned that whistling keeps the dark clouds at bay, as the sound waves bounces through the atmosphere blah noon, my laundered clothes were dry. i ironed them out and eased the creases using my blue philips steam iron.

my little room now looks oh so brand new, with the fresh scent of the new curtains, the sheets, the pillow cases, the newly wiped floor and the new arrangement. and the sight of the clothes i washed and ironed out made me real proud.sigh.

as the raindrops finally hit my roof, i proceeeded to read Crim Law. 

yeah, talk about celebrating labor day.




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