Kidzooona Naga is now open!

For mommies and daddies out there, bring the kids to the newest play place in town. Check out Kidzooona at the Third Level of Robinsons Place Naga, right beside the Wellness Zone.


Aaaaand because we’re kids at heart, I’ll be writing about my experience at Kidzooona. So, yeah, you wait for it. 🙂


USUPSO is now in the Philippines

… and is in Naga City!

USUPSO, a Japanese brand selling items of all sorts,  will formally open in Naga City today, September 1, 2017!

For prices starting from PhP 99.00, you can hoard home necessities, health and beauty, office stationary, digital electronics, fashion jewelry, gifts, bags, and seasonal products which are of high quality.

My friends and I went there during their soft opening week to check out their items on sale. It is such a happy place! Truly a paradise for someone like me! Continue reading

K-foodie at EJ Cafe and Restaurant Korean Food

In the Philippines, anything and everything Korean is so IN these days — from what’s showing on tv, make up products, food, and travel plans. I know of friends who are so into K-drama that even their dreams consist of encounters with chinky-eyed Oppas. Celebrities are raving about the 10-step beauty regimen which promises youthful and luminescent skin. Some moneyed friends even traveled to wintry Korea. As for me, treating my palate to Korean food is enough.

I first dipped my taste buds to the Korean craze through the famed ramyun (ramen) offered by Santorini, a Korean food place in P. Noval St., Sampaloc, Manila right beside the University of Santo Tomas. I love piping hot noodles but I am no fan of spicy food. However, Santorini’s ramyun made me turn a 100 degrees. For a quick Korean ramyun feast, I order from Kimbob. It’s instant but it’s almost the same thing.

Imagine my delight when the owners of EJ Cafe and Restaurant Korean Food invited a friend who in turn invited us (Hi, Jo!) to try what they had to offer. It’s food and it’s free, so why hesitate? Gooo! Continue reading