My Road to Learning Baybayin


You know fully well that I love to write.

I must confess that when I went to the National Museum last December, the gallery featuring our ancient script was one of those I enjoyed most.



Etched on the glass windows

So when I came across this Project Saysay post share via the Facebook page of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), I was really beyond delighted.

Notice that the screencap says Yesterday, because I was only to read the post twelve hours later at 5 am the following day. Hoping that slots were not yet filled up, I opened my Gmail account and sent a very brief Letter of Intent. I was not able to read the response at once since I did not have access to my Gmail via desktop during the day. I enabled 2-step authentication and thereafter lost my phone so I was practically barred access to my email and social media accounts.  Upon reaching home eight hours later, I read the response and was asked to fill out a form and respond to a few things.

Upon finishing the Google Form for the event,

I wished really hard that slots for my chosen date were not yet full. You see, the possibility of me still scoring a seat was remote. I was only able to open my mail at home which is  eight hours at the least (twelve hours at most) after sending or receiving a reply. What if those who immediately reply where given priority? What if those who responded late were not considered anymore? What if the slots were full because so many others were able to reply on time? The waiting game was pure torture. I felt even more anxious when this was posted while I was at work:

Gaaah! I so wanted to fly home! Haha. I wanted to check whether I made it or not. Luckily, I found out that later that day that good news was delivered to my inbox despite my anxiety the whole day.

Yay! I made it. Thank you very much, Project Saysay! Woooh! I was really excited and joyous. Out of 800+ registrants, I was among those chosen. Life is good, indeed.  I immediately searched where the venue was. Google Maps helped my very well.


Good thing I was quite familiar with the NHCP’s neighborhood. I’ve been to the National Library, the Rizal Park, and Kilometer Zero so finding the NHCP building would not be laborous. And yeah, walking from the UN Avenue Station of the LRT was not an issue at all. I’m willing to take the miles, literally.😀

A few days before the First Session, a confirmation form was sent by the organizers which I gladly filled out.


I carefully prepared for the event and bought the necessary materials we were required to bring. I also took time to view YouTube tutorials and blog posts featuring Baybayin. But I had to restrain myself because I was too psyched to learn during the slated event. Yes, I’m going, going, going (and actually went) to MNL for this. Read about this little adventure brought to us by Project Saysay in my next post.🙂

Get to know more about Project Saysay‘s advocacy through their Tumblr blog and Facebook page. In other news, note that entrance to the National Museum of the Philippines is now absolutely free!

I remain.

The Raya School Naga’s Tsinelas

I saw this post up as I was checking out my Facebook News Feed:


Hinabing Haraya season once again!
Every year, The Raya School Naga holds its school program dubbed as Hinabing Haraya.

Each Hinabing Haraya features an original musical play that showcases Raya students’ many talents. This year’s Hinabing Haraya will be extra special as it highlights the life of our beloved Mayor Jesse M. Robredo in a play called “Tsinelas.” We will take the audience on a journey through Mayor Jesse’s childhood as well as the many obstacles he overcame in reviving Naga City.

For every ticket you buy, you will be donating a pair of tsinelas to the Jesse M. Robredo Foundation. Tsinelas will be shown on March 13, 2016, 9 am at the USI Auditorium, Naga City.

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Apicius Culinary Arts Naga Bread and Pastry Production NCII 


I am more for salty treats than sweets. But I think I’m about to change my mind.

Apicius Culinary Arts Naga invited yours truly as one of the evaluators for the Final Practical Examination Evaluation of the Batch 2 of their Bread and Pastry Production NCII Course. And boy, my sweet tooth went overboard with the delicious treats prepared for our evaluation by the students.
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