Brief Beach Breather at Rizal Beach, Sorsogon

After our late afternoon at the Sumlang Lake, we proceeded to the province of Sorsogon to breathe in some fresh beach air.

At the Camalig highway, we hailed a jeepney to take us to Daraga. I forgot how much our fare was but it was not more than PhP 10.00. Upon arriving at Daraga, we got down at a prominently placed gasoline station at the crossing of the highway: one direction was going to Legazpi while the other was bound for Sorsogon. We looked for the UV Express Service van terminal which was right in front of the gasoline station. Dorin and I were the last two passengers before the barker signaled the driver that the van was full and ready to leave. We were cramped at the back of the van. Dorin said that her seat was “pang-Grade One” (for a Grade One student) given that it was too small to fit her. We were seated between two burly men and were shoulder to shoulder with each other for a full hour from Daraga, Albay to Sorsogon City, Sorsogon province. Fare was PhP 95.00.

It was hot in the area I was seated so beads of sweat formed on my brows and forehead and perspiration ran through my spine. I prayed that the heat would not trigger a migraine later. I found solace on the view by the window: the sun setting from afar. I found joy, too in the winding yet fully asphalted road of Sorsogon. It was like riding a roller coaster. Haha. But even if long and winding, I noticed no potholes or unnecessary humps and bumps on the road. There were four lanes in some parts, too. Good job, DPWH Sorsogon! 

We finally arrived at Sorsogon City. It was dark and our tummies were due for dinner. We settled for a Chinese restaurant in the city (sorry, I forgot the name) and had my fill of sizzling sisig paired with a cold bottle of 7 Up. Aaah. After dinner, Dorin and I treaded a dark alley where jeeps bound to the other parts of Sorsogon were parked. If I remember it right, the terminal was near Chowking. If I am mistaken, you are free to ask around. Sorsogon people are nice and accommodating. Luckily, the jeep bound for Gubat which was about to leave had no passenger yet in the front seat. We comfortably sat there while the rain poured outside. It was past 7:00 pm already. The roads were really dark. Save for reflectorized signs that told passersby that there was another upcoming curve, there were no lamp posts. Okay, there were but they were very few. In the long stretch from Sorsogon City to Gubat, I can say that only about 10% was lighted. Thankfully, we arrived at the Gubat Poblacion safe and in one piece. I didn’t notice how long the ride was but fare was PhP 29.00. 

Upon arriving at Gubat, Dorin asked a tricycle to bring us to Rizal Beach. The rider thankfully obliged. In the dark road with more curves which I lost count, it took about 20-30 minutes before the trike’s accelerator wound down and entered the perimeter of Rizal Beach Beach Resort. There are many others resorts dotting Rizal Beach but this where Kuya Tricy broughy us. We rang the bell and asked for a room for the night. Oops, wait. Dorin paid the tricy PhP 100.00 although the resort attendant said that PhP 50.00 was fair. 
As the resort was booked for a seminar that night, it was full save for a room good for an air con room three priced at PhP 1,200.00 plus PhP 100.00 for the TV. We settled for it since it was the only one available. It was at the far end of the resort pa. Hehe. However, the AC was busted even after the utility man tried to repair it. A stand fan was brought in and the room price was downgraded to PhP 1,000.00. 

Although my eyes were stinging, Dorin and I decided to check out the beach. We walked to the sea side and saw a group of teenagers shooting what seemed to be a dramatization for a school project. We could hear the crashing of the saves from a distance and took notice of the sea foam touching the shore. The horizon was decked with lights from fishing boats. We were content with munching on Mr. Chips as the cool breeze from the brushed through our faces. We even shared our junk food with a dog that approached us who later got the rest of the bag when we weren’t looking. Bad dog! 

We went back to our room and slept through the night. Upon waking up, we got dressed and went out to see the beach. Wow! It was light green. The water level was higher than the night before and almost reached the cemented part but the waves were small. I told Dorin I wanted to plunge in for a bit but we were already behind schedule. Nevertheless, we walked a bit by the shore and marveled at the beauty before us.



We were here!

While the sea was okay, the shore neeed some tidying up. Take note po, LGU Gubat. After our brief walk, we ate breakfast at the restaurant, 


Brekky of tapsilog and tosilog at PhP 95.00 each.

showered, then prepped for the third stretch of our Wanderful Weekend.

It was a long day turned night and an utterly brief beach breather. Just the same, I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to go out and see this part of the world. Oh yes, of Bicolandia rather.

A gem of the province, Rizal Beach is at Gubat, Sorsogon. 

Our expenses: Jeepney fare Camalig to Daraga PhP 8.00~PhP 10.00; Van fare from Daraga to Sorsogon City PhP 95.00; Dinner PhP 95.00; Jeepney fare to Gubat, Sorsogon PhP 29.00; Tricycle fare to Rizal Beach Resort PhP 50.00; Room for the night PhP 500.00 each; Breakfast PhP 95.00. Total: PhP 874.00.