First UNIQLO Store in Bicol Opens April 20

Japanese global casual apparel retailer, UNIQLO, announces the opening of its first store in Bicol on April 20, which will add over 800 sqm. of new shopping space, and bring the UNIQLO LifeWear shopping experience to more Filipinos.

With the successful growth of UNIQLO in the Philippines, the opening of the new store demonstrates a strong commitment from the brand to deliver its high quality LifeWear and signature shopping experience to local customers, while strengthening its position in the region.


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What to do in Sagada

I went to Sagada during the Chinese New Year long weekend of 2018. Travel time from Manila to Sagada took a full twelve (12) hours. I was asleep during almost the entire journey primarily because travel was at night time. I was awakened only during the stop at Banawe. I was fully awake once we reached the Mount Polis stop. Once we reached the Sagada Poblacion, I still couldn’t believe I was out all on my own to wander around this part of the Mountain Province.

So what did I do after registering at the Sagada Tourist Center (PhP 40.00), dropping my bags, a quick wash up and change of clothes at Isabelo’s, and partaking of a full breakfast? Begin my solo trip, of course! There were way too many people that weekend that I wasn’t a bit frightened to go on my own.

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My Sagada RT Tickets

This post is part of my Surviving Sagada Solo series. 

Booking my RT Tickets online

If you’re going to Sagada, book your trip in advance. A round trip, preferably.

I chose to book direct bus trips to and from Sagada because as a solo traveller, I wanted to ease myself the burden of whether or not I will make it on time to the time allotment of cutting trips. I booked my RT ticket online via Coda Lines.

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Surviving Sagada Solo

To have a good view of the Hanging Coffins has been siting in my bucket list for a long time. I have mentally took note of what else I wanted to do in Sagada for as long as I can remember.

For this particular trip, I drafted the itinerary as early as December 2017 with my soul sister as companion. We already agreed on the dates. As fate would have it, she wasn’t permitted to take a leave because she was the main project coordinator of an activity. I wanted to throw a fit but got hold of my understanding and mabait self instead. Positive vibes always, beshie.

Now what? Sayang the time spent on drafting itineraries with Plan A to C. Sayang the time spent on reading a loooot of information about Sagada. Not wanting to put all efforts go to waste, I invited friends but most were busy or doing something else on my target dates. Sigh.

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